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Coeuredge Quotes

Coeuredge Quotes

It has been six months since I took a hiatus and I must say I have really enjoyed this time to figure out what should be next on my horizon.

I realized that windows are finite and regrets are infinite.

This hit me when listened to a great talk in March when my daughters and I volunteered for TEDxYouthAustin. It made me pinpoint what has held me back as well as when I have experienced the most satisfying moments in my life.

The talk was about rejection. We actually miss quite a lot of life because we fear stepping into the void first.

Even the simple act of saying hello first takes an extraordinary effort because we think “what if the other person doesn’t respond”.

Take that notion and multiply it many times over and you have missed conversations, interviews, opportunities and relationships.

Slowly the aperture starts to close – both in our heart and our mind.

Eventually leading to a series of domino regrets.

Which brings me to coeurEDGE.

The word courage stems from “coeur” or heart. The best moments of our lives have resided when we have stepped into the edge and when we have been fully engaged.

Today, I am doing a soft launch of coeurEDGE and would be honored if you would join the conversations on the coeurEDGE facebook page.


Shaku Selvakumar
April 2013