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Shaku Selvakumar, Founder and CEO

Shaku Selvakumar is a writer, poet, blogger, marketing, communications and digital leader with multi country, multi national and start up experience. From start up to Fortune 500. Before the chasm, crossing the chasm and on the other side of the chasm.

Prior to her stint as a Customer Advocacy Leader for Social Business at IBM, she was the lead social and content strategist for IBM WebSphere and her work has won various awards including the Forrester Groundwell, Hermes, SIA. Prior to this, she was the demand program lead for service oriented architecture at IBM.

Shaku brings an ability to successfully highlight the USP and collaborate successfully with an extended ecosystem of stakeholders and influencers using high impact integrated marketing, social and content tools to drive demand generation and impact corporate goals. Previously she handled the successful marketing integration for the Webify acquisition at IBM and covered product marketing and communications by brand and industry. Shaku was recognized by IBM as a top performer and selected to join the company’s exclusive Leadership Development Program. She has also received internal awards for marketing leadership, teaming for performance and innovation.

Any time she can steal away from business as usual, she is either reading or trying to format all the words in her head to give it birth on her blog or through poetry.

Industries covered: Advertising | Energy | Non profit | IT

Email: shakus@coeuredge.com
Twitter: @ShakuS
Facebook: facebook.com/coeuredge
Blog: Change Happens

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